Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Riding for Smiles is looking to develop partnership with a wide-range of companies, delivering business benefits for them and their employees, and vital funds and support for our work.  Please take the time to read the information below (and on the rest of the website), which will highlight some to valuable work we do, and how forming partnerships with the business world can help all parties involved.

To discuss any aspect of this work please contact Dr. Geoff Cutts, Chair at or 07902913250.

How we benefit from Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnerships offer benefits for charities like RfS, they also offer the opportunity for charities to help a wider group of people by connecting them with funders, fundraisers, influencers, and the public.


One of the biggest (and most obvious) benefits of corporate partnerships for RfS is funding. Over the last ten years organisations are moving towards more long-term strategic partnerships. providing a longer-term sustainable income for charities, and partnerships which go beyond one-off donations.

Increased awareness and visibility

Another major benefit of corporate partnerships is increased awareness and visibility for the charity.  Not only do these partnerships allow charities to reach a wide employee base, but they can also reach and engage with the organisations larger network.

Communication and marketing plans

can be invaluable in the context of a charity’s corporate partnership. The online and offline presence of a charity across a company’s network – whether this be branding on the company website, promotion across social media channels, offline collateral or fundraising activities and challenges which are promoted by an organisation – will increase awareness and engagement with a local charity and real need.

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How you can benefit from partnering with Riding for Smiles

While corporate partnerships offer benefits for charities themselves, they also offer the opportunity for charities to help a wider group of people by connecting them with teams and individuals who could benefit from the important work the charity does.

Connecting with and supporting a charity, particularly one that means something to employees, will only have a positive impact on staff. RfS is local and needed by the local community. Businesses are increasingly investing time and money into causes important not only to their employees but also to wider society.

CSR may well be a driving factor behind businesses dedicating time towards supporting charities to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

Increased awareness can benefit commercial businesses as well as the charities they are supporting. Implementing a well-thought-out marketing and fundraising plan will increase a charity’s visibility but will also increase engagement with an organisation’s brand.

RfS could provide opportunities for staff volunteering and opportunities to support and promote a specific project such as the introduction of wheelchair friendly carriage that will enable RfS to offer schools fully inclusive experiences or the ‘back to school’ project in partnership with RfS and local schools.