Riding for Smiles is seeking new Trustees to join the existing team.

Interested?  Contact – Chair, Dr. Geoff Cutts, chair@ridingforsmiles.org

Charity trustees play a very important role in making sure that the charity is run in the interests of the people it is there to support. They strategically oversee the management and administration of the organisation. This is the main role of the trustees.

RfS Is seeking trustees who are moved by, and enthused to improve, the lives of children with very complex medical Issues. Personally, I sometimes shed a tear, but mostly I smile and feel proud and tremendously gratified by the differences we, together, make to every child’s life.

I am happy to give a little of my time. I hope you will consider joining us.

  • Many of you will know RfS and the amazing difference the charity makes to very deserving children. You can find much more on the charity at ridingforsmiles.org
  • The children we work with have a multitude of additional needs including speech, language and communication difficulties, adhd ( attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder causing inattention and impulsivity), cognitive and learning delay and difficulties, autism, Down’s syndrome, hearing loss, behavioural issues ( including anti social behaviour, being oppositional, problems following rules, showing respect and empathy) and social/ emotional problems ( e.g anxiety, low self esteem, lack of confidence), physical difficulties ( including developmental coordination disorder and cerebral palsy) and complex medical needs.
  • Please read

The RfS Mental Health Programme

Risks, Concerns and Outcomes. A paper written by RfS about the achievements of RfS.

  • RfS is in it’s sixth year, you can read the Story of the first five years at.

The-story-of-Riding-for-Smiles-2017-2022-.pdf (ridingforsmiles.org)

  • RfS is in great financial health.
  • Funding is guaranteed for the Mental Health and SEND Schools programmes through to 2025. That’s six of the ten sessions every week fully funded.
  • Funding for the Deprivation Programme is in place until August 2023 and 40% funded through to 2025.
  • The one session per week for adults needs funding with funding bids in progress.
  • RfS has reserves of around 10 months to cover overheads.

Trustees’ Meetings

Trustees’ Meetings are held six time a year. In attendance at the meeting are Sharon Tolley, Proprietor and Owner of Coloured Cob and Stephanie Hind, SEN advisor to RfS and Schools / Groups liaison officer.

The Role of the Trustees

The main role of trustees is to set strategy and overview the finances of the charity.  Trustees may be elected to the following roles.  Currently the Chair covers the roles of Chair, Treasurer, Funding and Marketing.

Chair – Chair meetings, Policies and Procedures to include Safeguarding, SLA with CCEC etc. Line manager of Stephanie Hind.

Treasurer – Banking, Invoicing, Payments, Monthly Management Accounts, Annual Financial Accounts. Annual return to Charities Commission, Insurance, Audit, very light weight, as required by the Charities Commission. This task is partially computer driven; a good knowledge of Excel would be helpful.

Secretary – Meeting agenda and minutes

Funding – To oversee Grant applications, Liaison with funders, seeking out new funders in close partnership with Stephanie Hind.

Marketing – Social media update (web and Facebook) and development, monthly Newsletters

The plan Is to Invite those Interested to observe a visit to the stables by a school. This will be followed by an opportunity to meet the current trustees and others.