Helping out at the stables

Volunteers are needed to lead horses and help in the yard.

You would be meeting and helping disabled and vulnerable young people who come along to Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre with their school or group. Groups comprise eight children; four children trek out on lead rein, or have a lesson in the school, whilst four take part in a yard-based activities such as grooming. The children have a 30-minute ride and a 30-minute yard-based activity and are therefore at the stables around an hour .

Riding for Smiles has grown over 250% from the level of activity pre-pandemic. There are around 60 children coming to the stables every week..

Please read this about the children.

“There had been improvement in behaviours and social skills (ability to share, work together, take turns and speak politely and respectfully to others). They had also developed emotionally and were more able to accept difficulties or failure and work towards a more favourable outcome positively. All had risen in confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. They had also taken part in an enjoyable new activity where they had learned new skills. For many of these children the sense of achievement was immense, and had an incredible positive effect on them. They wore their award Rosettes with pride on the last session, having indeed benefited from our provision.”

Safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults  is a top priority for Riding for Smiles.

Please do read our Safeguarding Policy especially our Code of Conduct. Stephanie Hind is the designated safeguarding officer for RfS. You should raise any ‘issues of concern’ directly with her.

You can download the RfS Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct here.


Could you give an hour and a bit of your time?

Call Gail or Helen from the stables to arrange for you to come along to the stables. Thank you.