What’s on offer

Riding for Smiles is a charity offering inclusive and innovative equestrian based activities to disabled and vulnerable children, young people and adults which are very often free to the participant.

Who we work with

We work with those who have physical, social, learning, behavioural and emotional/mental disabilities or multiple needs and those who are disaffected, excluded or marginalised. We work with Schools, Special Schools, Behaviour Units, Disability Sports Clubs, MIND / adults with mental health issues and other Charities to bespoke projects to meet individual and group needs.

What we provide

Our sessions and activities provide enjoyable, enrichment experiences and recreational opportunities which develop confidence and self-esteem, self- regulation, positive social interaction, motivation, calmness, thoughtfulness, resilience and provide physical exercise.

The Riding for Smiles poem

Look up at the rainbow, the skies are blue, the sun is yellow.  Look up at the sky and catch the dreams that you dare to dream, they really do come true.
Blue has no dimensions, it’s there for everyone to see. Blue brings peace and calm, opportunity and inclusivity. Yellow is the colour that warms the soul, Yellow brings joy and happiness and energy.
Riding for Smiles, blue and yellow, providing opportunities to bring peace and calm, to make dreams come true and to put a smile on a face.

The blue line shows the pre-pandemic figures for 2019-2020.

The orange line shows clearly the periods of lock down with just a few experiences delivered from September to very early November.

The grey line shows the very significant growth in numbers from April of 2021.

The numbers for January to March, 2022 are the predicted figures based on the arrangements we have with schools for that period.

You may need to turn up the volume.