Mission, Vision, & Core Values


Riding for Smiles’ (RfS) mission is to enrich the lives of young people and adults through the opportunity to be involved in a range of equestrian experiences.

RfS mission is to be a leader in providing equestrianism for young people who are disabled; physically or mentally; disadvantaged, or in need of distraction or relief from hurt and pain.

RfS mission is to be a leader in providing equestrianism experiences that are determined and specified for the special educational needs (SEN) of the young person.

RfS will positively target young people. However, the opportunity will be extended to people of all ages.


RfS will partner with Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre (CCEC) in order to deliver a range of activities.

RfS will partner with a professional in special educational needs so that experiences are planned, monitored, and evaluated.

RfS will use all its best endevours to nurture these two very valued relationships.

RfS will seek grant funding to enable experiences to de delivered at zero / low cost to the participant.

Core Values

Appropriateness – RfS will endevour to provide experiences that are suitable, relevant and beneficial to every young person.

Inclusivity – RfS will seek to provide a range of experiences which will enable all young people to participate regardless of their disability or financial status.

Kindness – CCEC number one core value is ‘kindness to animals’. CCEC and RfS will embrace this core value, kindness to our users instilling kindness to each other and to all animals.

Respect – Riding for Smiles will be understanding and sympathetic to all problems and needs and will treat everyone with equality and respect.

Where did we come from?

Riding for Smiles was started in 2017 by Sharon Tolley (Proprietor of The Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre) and Stephanie Hind (Special Needs Teacher). They share the same passion and belief that riding and interaction with horses can provide a therapeutic experience and an enjoyable and immensely beneficial platform for learning, fostering development in many areas.

For a number of years, Sharon had provided successful riding sessions for disabled children and young people in her riding school. Stephanie had, as part of her special needs and physical education teaching career, provided animal therapy and alternative strategies as part of kinaesthetic learning provision. Together they combined their skills and professional knowledge and began offering riding and activity sessions to schools for children with additional needs. After a year we were granted charitable status and the first board of trustees was formed.

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