The long and short of it

The pupils were a group of post 16 year olds from a Special School, with a variety of additional needs, including some physical difficulties (prosthetic leg, poor sight, a back rod), Downs syndrome, ASD and global delay.

A Special School brought a group of 9 pupils from their 16+ class who were studying an Animal Care course.

A Primary school were offered a block of 6 sessions for junior aged children with additional needs. 

After a meeting and discussion with the CEO of Nottinghamshire MIND  it was decided that our projects could be used as part of the “Get Set To Go” initiative in North Nottinghamshire.

The children are identified by schools / CAMHS as having specific mental health issues.  The Project has been carefully planned out by our SEN professional and Derbyshire Head teachers.

Primary school brought a group of 8 junior aged pupils for a block of 6 sessions in November. The pupils in this group all had additional needs and were on the School SEN Register.

Lady Z enjoyed her carriage rides, she was too heavy to ride a horse  She set herself a 2 stone weight loss target. Lady Z reached her goal and now weighs under 15 stone, she is loving riding. Now she is a size 10.

A Primary School brought groups of junior aged pupils for a block of 6 weeks. They decided to operate a different system to the other schools due to the number of pupils who they wanted to involve. They brought pupils in groups of 4 and brought different children each week.

A case study of a five-year-old child who had recently been taken into care and then fostered. This child had two siblings who had also been  fostered, together, with a different family. The five-year-old had therefore recently suffered considerable trauma, first in the original home setting, and then being separated from his siblings.